Lash lurveeeeeee!!!!

Lash lurveeeeeee!!!!


HI!!! MY NAME IS GG, CREATOR OF GG'S LASH LOFT and founder of the volume method.

To all my lash dolls, I cannot wait to meet y'all. I'm so excited to connect with each and everyone of you! Here’s a little insight of my esthetic career in 2011. I spent the first four years working at two lash studios, one in downtown San Diego and the other in La Jolla. In addition to lashes, I worked simultaneously as the lead esthetician at San Diego’s leading Massage Envy for the highest sales and most performed facials in the region.

Several years later I moved to Dallas and opened up my own lash studio. Challenging but exciting at the same time, I learned a lot about myself. I developed all the necessary skills to run a business, such as determining overhead; how to calculate cost per client; profit margins; up selling; developing sales technique; marketing; business branding and strategy yada yada yada... All to which, I share in my courses. So, I am not just proficient in lash artistry, I like to say, I’m well rounded in the realm of esthetics and being a creative entrepreneur.

In 2018, I taught my first training course, it was like a light bulb went off! I literally drafted up the entire curriculum the night before and went on to teach for 16 hours over the course of two days. All the material and my devotion to teach came naturally—something I’d been searching for my entire adult working life. Of course I’m still obsessed with doing doing lashes but after 7 years of doing them, I felt that my heart was searching for something more visceral. Finally, I found that in teaching others and with creating exciting visuals and concepts that artists could find inspiration from- I found what I’d been searching for. So much so, that I’ve developed a passion for design and have gone back to school to pursue a degree in graphic design!

I could go on and on about my story and wind up turning this into a blog but just wanted to express who I am, and share my desire to teach; in hopes that fellow artists would find a connection and join us while we set the luxury standard on lash extensions!

Join us on our journey, grow with us, and lets create art together!


yours truly,


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She dreams, she wakes, she slays!”