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Hi! I’m GG, creator of The Volume Method. For as long as I can remember, I have always been captivated with the idea of enhancing one’s features by creating balance, harmony and symmetry . My career in the beauty industry started in 2009, and would span a decade before switching (design) disciplines completely in 2019 to become a Graphic Designer.

In 2017, I moved to Dallas, Texas and opened GG Lash Loft, my very first lash studio which led me to become a lash educator. It wasn’t until the actual design and branding process did I notice an even deeper side of my creativity was waiting to be unleashed. During the development of all three lash manuals, it was through that process that the design bug hit me and the rest was history! As a Graphic Design major, my main focus is artistry exploration and education. I teach with visual personality to invigorate growth, and to hone the artist in each and every one of you. My goal is to help you become a well rounded lash artist, and above all, a creative beautypreneur!

Lets create art together!

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She dreams, she wakes, she slays!”